Product Technology

Bachelor of Science (Honours) Degree in Product Design and Analysis
The need for acquiring knowledge on product design, analysis and development is more and more pressing among the local manufacturers and enterprises. It is also the strategy of the Government of HKSAR to develop Hong Kong into a high-tech port for new and innovative product design and analysis. Such need urges the Industrial Centre, School of Design and Department of Mechanical Engineering to collaborate and offer a part-time Bachelor of Science (Honours) Degree in Product Design and Analysis.

The new programme is targeted to the industry practitioners who are willing to extend their knowledge and expertise in the discipline. The new programme was introduced in the academic year of 2000/01 with a total of forty students were admitted. The average expected study time is five years.

This is the first bachelor programme offered by the Centre leading to academic award conferred by PolyU. It also proves the Centre's capability in delivering its expertise in a wider spectrum.

Higher Diploma in Product Innovation Technologies (PIT)
This is a brand new programme jointly offered by the School of Design, Department of Manufacturing Engineering and Industrial Centre and funded by UGC. The programme aims at developing the skills and knowledge of students in product innovation and its related technology. Graduates are expected to become the backbone of the new generation of product design and development professionals.

The two-year programme will be started in the academic year of 2001/02, with a total of forty students to be admitted. This is the Centre's another attempt and effort in exerting its expertise in nurturing a new bleed of generation in product design and innovation.

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