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Our training encourages value-added - creativity, innovation, team building...

Automated Chocolate Packaging Machine

"With their great imaginations, creative ideas but yet practical application, they were able to turn our theory into practice. Their efforts and perseverance has undoubtedly reflected unfailing guidance and full supports of their experienced mentors."
Galore Packaging Company Ltd.

Remote Sharing of Operations & Training Environments
Students can remotely operate machines and equipment in Temasek Polytechnic in Singapore using high bandwidth networks.

Bridge Model of Tsing Yi North Coastal Road

"We appreciate very much on the vision of the Industrial Centre to plant the idea of innovation and initiation in trainees' mind at their learning stage, and we wish the trainees would continue to nurture this idea and make use of it in their future career."
Gammon Construction Limited

Computer-generated Facial Reconstruction Modelling
A brand new attempt for the students to apply rapid prototyping technology in the field of surgery for the Queen Mary Hospital and Prince Philip Dental Hospital.

Student Feedback
"The IC is like a father who was teaching his own daughter: when I was puzzled, he had advice; when I was troubled, he offered help; when I was upset, he provided encouragement."

"The IC training changed my project success from something remotely imaginable to something real."

"The type of training programme (in the IC) is not possible elsewhere. In the UK, the opportunity to go on site is rare."

"It increased my competitiveness in the job with the exposure to site inspection I gained from training at the IC."

"The training received at the Centre is an asset landing the first employment, particularly in the prevailing state of the job market."

"Before I thought I would never choose to have training at the IC 'cause It's tough. Now that I look back, I'm glad I came."

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