WONG Ho-ching, Chris (Dr.) - Director

CHU Kam-piu, Louis - Associate Director

LAU Wai-man, Paul - Associate Director

POON Sui-kwong, Patrick - Associate Director


Technological Divisions

Division 1

CHU Kam-piu, Louis - Associate Director

WONG Chung-ming, Martin - Hot Metals & Plastics
CHAN Tai-wai - Non Conventional Machining
CHENG Kai-cheong, Ron - Product Design
LEUNG Hip-ming, Louis - Surface Finishing
LEUNG Hip-ming, Louis - Sheet Metal
WONG Chung-ming, Martin - Rapid Prototyping & Manufacturing
YU Chun-ho - Machining & Metrology

Division 2

LAU Wai-man, Paul - Associate Director

TAM Wai-man, Robert - System Engineering & CAM, Industrial Engineering & Projects
HUI Cheung-shui, Simon - Learning Technology & Informatics
LAI Chi-kwong - Automation
CHEUNG Yuet-hung, Edward - IT Services
WONG Tak-ho, Jasper - Electronics

Division 3

POON Sui-kwong, Patrick - Associate Director

KWOK Wing-keung, Albert - Building & Construction, EE, BSE
MA Chong-hoi, Gary - Electrical & Building Services Engineering
CHAN Chung-shing, Alexander - Occupational & Environmental Safety Services (OESS); Course Leader, SATS; Chief Safety Officer, IC;
CHOW Lap-yan, Fenkins - Occupational & Environmental Safety Services (OESS); Unit Leader, OESS; Course Leader, PeS
CHUNG For, Jonathan - Occupational & Environmental Safety Services (OESS); Deputy Unit Leader of OESS; Associate Director of Studies (POSH); OES Short Course Coordinator

Central Services

CHAN Ka-yin, Sally (Miss) - Administrative Support (email address)
CHAN Wing-fai, Alex - Stores & Logistics (email address)

Student Net
Staff Net
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