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Mission Objectives

To provide trainees with a practical understanding of engineering activities and practices, materials, tools, machines, plant and equipment, including where appropriate process control and quality assurance aspects, and the organisation of production, testing, installation, commissioning, maintenance and servicing facilities.

To provide an appreciation of technological, financial and commercial influences on the processes of design and industrial production, the legal and contractual aspects of engineering endeavour and the importance of meeting market needs and customer requirements.

To provide a simulated industrial environment in which Engineering Applications, occupational safety and health awareness and the rules of conduct of professional engineers are regularly emphasized and practised.

To nurture creativity and innovation in product and industrial process design.

To conduct CPD (Continuous Professional Development) and other specialist academic programmes in practically-based subjects.

To provide advisory, manufacturing support, prototype production and technology transfer services for staff and students engaged in applied research and development. Additionally, to undertake applied research and development projects jointly with the academic departments and/or industry.

To liaise with and provide technical consultancy, training and specialist manufacturing support services for industry in order to foster industrial partnerships and augment the Centre's technological facilities and capabilities. Whenever possible such client-oriented projects will be used to supplement and enrich training opportunities within a quasi-commercial Learning Factory environment.

Utimately, to become a knowledge-creating organization interacting with and serving Hong Kong's knowledge-based industrial community.

Quality Assurance Policy

The Industrial Centre is committed to conducting its education and training business in a professional and socially responsible manner, consistent with its vision statement and mission objectives. Quality is perceived as the presence of value rather than the absence of defects.

In pursuit of excellence, we commit ourselves to:

design our programmes in response to the changing needs of industry and the community;

liaise appropriately with other closely related Institutions, Departments and Units in planning, designing, implementing and reviewing our training and teaching activities;

ensure that programme aims are explicit and relevant in every case;

ensure that our products, services, operations and off-Centre activities comply with all applicable statutory regulations and requirements;

organise and deliver our educational and training programmes in the most effective way to facilitate learning and technology transfer;

provide a novel 'learning factory' environment to foster innovation, creative thinking and value-added learning;

conduct our operations in a manner that minimises risk, prevents pollution, conserves resources, and proactively addresses occupational and environmental issues in the workplace;

design and implement an interactive Web-based Quality Management System (QMS) that provides both a communication channel for staff on QA matters and a vehicle for monitoring continuous improvement;

design and implement an effective trainee assessment system consistent with the prevailing assessment regulations of the University;

provide effective mechanisms to solicit advice of external experts and ensure client feedback;

integrate a Total Quality Management (TQM) concept into our business and decision-making processes, and regularly monitor our performance for ongoing improvement and cost-effectiveness;

train our staff adequately in the QMS and other Quality Assurance matters, and foster the evolution of a quality culture within the Centre; and

conduct regular internal audits to ensure that all of the above are actively pursued by everyone concerned.

Occupational & Environmental Safety Policy

It is the policy of the Industrial Centre to provide a safe and environmentally-friendly workplace and to ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety of all concerned, including its staff at work, trainees in the course of training, visitors and others who may be affected by the activities of the Centre.

Compliance with all occupational and environmental safety (OES) measures required by Law shall take precedence over other matters. Specifically, criteria involving  OES shall take precedence in all decisions concerning research and development projects, including project work undertaken by trainees.

All Units within the Centre shall ensure that effective safety training is provided regularly for both staff and trainees in those areas of concern.

The Centre will aim at a maximum practicable level of safety performance by implementing an effective OES management system to assure that:

good occupational and environmental safety practices shall be developed, promoted and actively pursued by all staff and trainees;

any potential incidents, occupational or environmental safety risk shall be identified, assessed and controlled as low as reasonably practicable; and

all contractors, working partners, temporary staff or visitors shall also meet the same OES standards and requirements of the Centre.

Members of staff are required to exercise their designated authority, to take the appropriate level of safety responsibility for their actions, and to contribute proactively towards the Centre's OES management objectives.

This departmental Policy should be implemented and regularly reviewed in conjunction with the University Health and Safety Policy.

Performance Pledge

As a trainee we want your IC experience to be stimulating, memorable, purposeful and safe and we will do everything we can to make sure that you get the best out of the time you spend here. If you are an industrial partner or client we believe that you are entitled to expect an efficient, high added-value service at reasonable cost. In either case, all we ask is that if you are not happy about something, please let us know immediately.

We will do our utmost to meet your expectations. If we don't please tell us now.

Trained Staff
Our staff are all fully trained professionals with the authority and responsibility to help you acquire the best from your IC experience or service. If you are dissatisfied about something please tell us now.

Apart from some Sundays and Public Holidays the IC is open all year round and also has its own Web Page at http://www.ic.polyu.edu.hk/index.htm. If you need us please contact us now.

Information and Advice
We are here to provide all the information and advice you require. If we can be of assistance please ask us now.

Prompt Service
Should you have a problem, we aim to solve ittoday. To do this we must know about your problem now.

Your safety is our topmost priority. If you have any concerns please tell us now.

It's Your IC!
We will do everything we can, whenever and however we can, to make your IC experience or service the very best it can be.


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