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The innovation of "The Learning Factory" concept was depicted by the IIE (US Institute of Industrial Engineer) as "…something Hong Kong should be proud of". Dr. Chris H.C. Wong, Director of the IC, subsequently received a
"Fellowship of the IIE", the first such honour to be bestowed upon a non-American.

"Exemplary Models Project" awarded by APEC-HURDIT International Committee. "... an exemplary model for training in industrial technology" while the IC facilities and training methods are "probably the best ever seen".

Hong Kong

The Space Holinser Forceps, the first and only space equipment designed and manufactured on Chinese soil and used by astronauts on a space station, was awarded "Certificate of Merit in Consumer Product Design, 1997 Hong Kong Awards for Industry" by the Federation of Hong Kong Industries.

Recognized by their many "first" and "only" the Forceps and Micro End-effectors was tributed again by awarding "The Most Innovative Award" in "The Election of Ten Engineering Wonders in Hong Kong" a territory-wide competition jointly organised by The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers and the Leisure & Cultural Services Department, HKSAR.

In recognition of the unique training methodology adopted by the IC, the HK Institute of Industrial Engineers also conferred on Dr. Wong, in representation of the IC, the Outstanding IE Award.

Innovation & Creativity
The team members of the Forceps and Micro End-effectors was awarded the "1010 Award for Innovation" in the "2000 Leader of the Year"

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