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With links to useful internal and external Web sites, InfoShare attempts to provide a one-stop web-based resource for safety practitioners across a vast spectrum of OSH and environmental safety & health subjects.


This page consists of a pool of e-learning resources put together by the Webmaster and staff of PDN aiming to provide a range of selected ESH & OSH topics for learning and teaching. We encourage you to explore the contents as much as you like. In fact, we would like to ask you to help us in extending the collection even further by offering your own contributions. Please send any comments, suggestions or information to the Webmaster. Thank you.



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  Accident / Incident Analysis

  Accident Prevention

  Accident Investigation

  Accident Statistics, Occupational Safety & Health Council, Hong Kong

  Accident Statistics, Labour Department, Hong Kong

  Auditing the Management of OSH

  Aviation Safety, New resources in AERADE, Cranfield University



  Beginner's Guide to Email & Internet

  Behavioral Safety

  Behavior-based Performance Strategies 

  Bibliographic Database

  Bibliography, Safety Management (3)



  Case Studies

  Chemicals, Hazardous Materials and MSDS

  Codes of Practice

  Conferences, Seminars, Symposiums ...

  Conference Papers: ANZAOHSE Conference 2000, HK

  Confined Space

  Construction Safety

  Construction Safety, OSHWEB, 01/02

  Construction Safety, OSHA Resource Manual, 01/02

  Councils, OSH/OES

  Courses (ESH & OSH) offered by the Industrial Centre, PolyU

  Critical Incident Analysis





  Design of Questionnaires and Survey Methods



  Education & Training

  Electronic Journals

  Environmental Safety & Health

  Ergonomics & Human Factors

  Examples of Research Paper / Report



  Fire Safety

  Fire Service Department, Public Notice


  Food Safety, Training Manuals and Programs Online




  Good Safety Practice (GSP)

  GSP: DOE Integrated Safety Management Resource Center (ISM)

  GSP, Office of Laboratory Operations and ES&H (SC-80), Office of Science, USA

  Good Practice, European Agency for Safety & Health at Work, 01/02


  Government, Hong Kong SAR

  Labour Legislation Update, Labour Department, Hong Kong SAR

  Labour Consultation Papers, Labour Department, Hong Kong SAR

  OSH Information Page, Labour Department, Hong Kong SAR

  Major Speeches & Press Releases, Labour Department, Hong Kong SAR

  Hong Kong Observatory

  Works Bureau, Report of the Construction Industry Review Committee


  Government Agencies, others



  Hazardous Materials and MSDS

  Health and Safety Executive, UK





  Incident Analysis




  Information Services & OES/OSH Agencies

  Envrionmental Health & Safety, OSU Homepage

  European Agency for Safety and Health at Work

  IEE - communicating with the global engineering community, Safety & Health

  OSHA Alphabetic Site Index, A-Z

  OSHA Library/Reading Room Page, U.S. Department of Labor

  OSHA Construction Resource Manual

  OSHWEB - Index of Occupational Safety and Health Resources

  National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health, NIOSH. Publications & database

  Safety - Accident/Injury Statistics. Gateway for Safety & Health Information Resources.

  Workplace Safety on the Internet. SafetyLine, WorkSafe Western Australia

  And more ...






  Knowledge Acquisition



  Labour Department, Occupational Safety & Health Homepage, HKSAR

  Labour Department, OSH Statistics, Hong Kong SAR

  Labour Department, OSH Publications, Hong Kong SAR

  Laser Safety


  Learning Organization

  Legislation related to OSH



  Machine Guarding / Machine Shop Safety

  Management, General

  Manual Handling

  Metal Scaffolding

  MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets)



  Nature's Holism

  Noise Assessment




  Occupational Health Practice

  OSH Professional Bodies, Councils, Government Agencies

  OSHA Library/Reading Room Page, U.S. Department of Labor

  OSHA Construction Resource Manual



  Performance Indicators, Safety

  Performance Strategies, Behavior-based

  Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  Pest Control

  Products & Software (OES)


  Professional Bodies, Institutions, Societies, Councils, &

     Government OES/OSH Agencies

  Institution of Occupational Safety & Health (IOSH), UK

  International Institute of Risk and Safety Management

  Institute for Research & Construction

  Board of Certified Safety Professionals

  And more ...



  Quality and Safety




  Radiation Protection & Radon

  Railway Safety

  Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)

  Reports, ESH & OSH

  Risk Assessment & Risk Management

  Risk Management, OSHWEB, 01/02




  Research Methods


Other WWW Online Resources


  Bill Trochim's Web Page Project Gallery

  National Occupational Research Agenda, NORA. 21 priorities for the 21st Century



  Safety Culture


  Safety Management

  Performance Indicators

  Safety Management

  Safety Management, OSHWEB, 01/02

  Safety Management, Bibliography (3)


  Safety Manuals, Exemplary Websites

  Safety Officers

  Safety Plans

  Safety Policy

  Safety Programmes & Manuals

  Programmes & Services, EHS, OSU


  Safety Technology

  Safety Technology, Triodyne, Consultants in Safety Philosophy and Technology

  Safety Technology, Triodyne Safety Briefs

  Safety Systems


  Seminars, Conferences, Symposiums ...

  Societies, OSH/OES





  Statistics - OSH Accidents

  Statistics - an Electronic Textbook StatSoft, Inc. Electronic Statistics Textbook. 04/2002

  The Statistics Homepage, StatSoft, Inc. 04/2002

  Study Resources

  Study Skills & Learning

  Survey methods




  Training & Education

  Training, Online, Safety and Health Management Systems eCAT - Home Page. OSHA, U.S.A.

  Training Manuals and Programs Online (HACCP) - Food Safety Training & Education Alliance



U, V

  Universities - Campus Links


W, X, Y, Z


  Welding Safety

  Welding Safety - Online Safety Library, OSU

  Fume Minimisation Guidelines Welding, Cutting, Brazing and Soldering Welding Technology Institute of Australia

  Welding - Fumes and Gases NOHSC, Australia

  Safety Hazards: Welding OSH Answers, CCOHS, Canada

  Welding, Cutting, & Brazing OSHA, USA

  Welding Safety: A Review of the Safety Regime for Electrical and Gas Work. 01/2002




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